Area 30 Information

For information regarding Area 30 - please call 765-653-3515
Bus times for Area 30 are as follows:
All AM Area 30 Students will board the bus by 8:25 am (no 1st period).  Bus leaves GHS for Area 30 at 8:25 am.  Those students who rode the bus to school will be in the library until time to board the Area 30 bus.  Those students driving to school will board the Area 30 bus upon arrival to school.  Breakfast will be available at GHS during normal breakfast hours.  AM Area 30 students will eat lunch at Area 30.

Bus picks up at Area 30 at 11:30 am and will leave at 11:35 am in order to be back at GHS by 11:40 am.  Students will sign in for 4th period.

All PM Area 30 Students will attend periods 1, 2 and 3 at GHS.  They will eat lunch at GHS, then board the bus at 11:45 am in order to arrive at Area 30 by noon.  

Bus picks up at Area 30 at 2:20 pm to return to GHS at 2:25 pm.  Students will go to 7th period. 

2 Hour Delay Days 
All AM Area 30 is CANCELLED
Area 30 AM will report to school for 5th period at 1:15pm.  Students will do eLearning at home for period 4.
Area 30 PM will be as regularly scheduled (bus leaves at 11:45am). Students will do eLearning at home for period 3.


*Subject to change