College Visits

Juniors and seniors are allowed to take two days per school year for the purpose of attending scheduled college visitations. While these absences are counted as excused for attendance purposes, students are responsible for all work missed as a result of taking a college day. Five (5) days or more before the student goes on a college visit he or she should follow these steps: 1) The student needs to secure a verification sheet from the attendance secretary in the front office 2) Have the form signed by their parent or guardian, 3) Fill in the blanks on the form, 4) Have one of the guidance staff and the assistant principal initial their lines, 5) return the form to the attendance officer/secretary in advance of the college day. Students are encouraged to make prior arrangements with the college they will be visiting in order to insure a productive and informative visit. Students who ask for college days on the day of the visit may be denied permission to attend. Students who attend college days without prior consent of the GHS principal or assistant principal may be considered truant. Students who are not on track to graduate and/or have poor attendance may be denied permission to take a college visitation day. Upon returning to school after the college visit a letter from the college on official college letterhead stating the day of the visit with a documented signature should be turned into the attendance officer.

Brochures and email are 
one thing, but there is NOTHING like seeing campus for YOURSELF!!!! 

Be sure to visit several different colleges and universities to find your "fit"! Remember....It is NEVER too early to start visiting!

College Representatives will be visiting GHS throughout the year -- read the announcements and check out the bulletin board outside of Guidance.