GHS Schedule of Classes 2020-21

1st Period 2nd Period 3rd Period 4th Period 5th Period 6th Period 7th Period
Monday: 8:30-9:20 9:25-10:15 10:20-11:10 11:15-12:30 12:35-1:25 1:30-2:20 2:25-3:15
Tuesday-Friday: 8-8:50 8:55-9:45 10:20-11:10 11:15-12:30 12:35-1:25 1:30-2:20 2:25-3:15
AP Art ALL Intro 2D/ Intro 3D Intro 2D/ Intro 3D Advanced 2D/3D Intro 2D/ Intro 3D Photo/Digital Design Adv Child Dev/Adv Child II
College/College Housing/Fashion Adv Nutr I/Adv Nutr II Adv Nutr I/Adv Nutr II Theatre I/Theatre II Adv Nutr I/Adv Child Adv Theatre/Adv Theatre II
English 10 H Yearbook/News English 10 H AP Lit and Comp English 9 Theatre I/Speech AP Lit and Comp
English 9 English 9 English 9 English 9 H English 11 English 9 H English 9
English 11 English 10 English 9 English 10 English 10  English 11 English 11
French I English 12 English 11 English 12 ACP English 12 English 10 English 12
Spanish II Spanish I English 10 French I French III/IV AP Lang/Comp Spanish I
Film Lit/Creative Writing Latin I ACP English 12 Spanish I Spanish III/IV Spanish II Film Lit/Creative Writing
Health/Health Bus. Law & Ethics French II PE Latin III/IV Latin II PE
Econ/Gov Comp Sci/Intro Transp. Latin I Intro to Engineering Health/Health PE Principles of Bus. 
Prin. of Engineering Algebra I Health/Health Pre-Calc:Trig/Probability Econ/Gov Principles of Mark.  Mech Draft/Arch Design
Alg B/Alg A Algebra II Econ/Gov Algebra I Lab Construction Algebra I Algebra II Honors
Algebra I PreCalc:Trig/PreCalc:Alg Comp Sci/Comp Sci. AP Calculus Algebra II Geometry Honors PreCalc:Trig/PreCalc:Alg
Algebra II Geometry Psych/Sociology Algebra II Geometry Econ/Gov Geometry
Geometry Advanced Band Algebra I US History AP Euro History AP US History World History
Percussion Advanced Chorus PreCalc:Trig/PreCalc:Alg ICP APC Zoo/Marine Econ/AP Gov
Beginner Chorus World History World History Biology I US History Anatomy  US History
World History APC APC Chemistry Honors ICP Forensic Science Earth Space Science
APC US History Geography  Biology Honors Biology I
AP Environmental Earth Space Science Physics Biology I Chemistry I 
AP Biology Biology I  Biology Honors Chemistry I
Biology I Anatomy  ACP Chemisry
"/ " --- Separates Semester Courses