Credit Recovery

                                           CREDIT RECOVERY

Greencastle High School offers Credit Recovery for those students who may have not performed well on a class required for graduation.  Any course necessary to earn a Core 40 diploma (with a few exceptions) is offered.  These courses are taken on-line via Edgenuity with a licensed teacher in the room to facilitate timely completion as well as offer individualized assistance as necessary.  Students report to the Alternative Education classroom at GHS for 1 or more periods a day to work on the course(s) depending on their needs and schedule.

Once enrolled in Credit Recovery, a student has one semester to complete a course or the school reserves the right to make them begin anew the following semester. Classes take on the average 90 "seat-hours" to complete and can be completed quicker if a student chooses to work outside of normal classroom hours.  Once the class is successfully completed, a GHS credit is awarded and placed on their official transcript.

This program strives for student success and is another avenue for Greencastle High School students to complete requirements for graduation.

Here are regulations for Credit Recovery as printed in the GHS Student Handbook



1. Course retake policy:

• All failing grades (F’s) are recorded on the student’s transcript and even after students

retake the course and earn a passing grade, the original failing grade (F) remains on the


• If a student earns a failing grade in a required class, he/she must retake the course.

EDGENUITY is an online program offered for retaking failed grades only. GHS offers credit

recovery in which students can make-up their failed courses through EDGENUITY.

• If a student passes a class with a D+ or lower and wishes to retake for grade improvement,

he/she may do so within one year of first taking the course. Both grades will appear

on the transcript, but credit will only be issued for the higher of the two grades.

GPA will be figured on the higher of the two grades as well. Students working towards

AHD or THD must earn no grade lower than “C-“ in all required courses. In order to

maintain the AHD or THD no more than 1 course can be retaken for grade improvement.

• A student should have the same amount of time to complete the course that would be given to take the course at GHS (1semester per 1 semester credit).