College Readiness Center

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The College Readiness Center (CRC) has been designed by Ivy Tech Community College to prepare students in the habits of mind necessary for the rigors of college level work, as well as assist them in planning for their education beyond high school. Activities and information regarding college preparedness and adjusting to college life is provided in the CRC through individualized instruction based on student needs. Students receive advising, career counseling and other services of the college as well as support with regards to completion of the college application essay and selection process.

Skills and activities are enhanced by opportunities to learn provided by the course facilitator, by peers through group projects, and individually through varying web-based, self-paced software programs designed to increase academic performance and test scores. Academic skills development will be assessed further through the journal and portfolio products.

Specifically we discuss such things as (but not limited to) Selecting a Field of Study, Adjusting to the Demands of College, Getting and Staying Motivated, and Understanding Professor's Expectations.  We also talk about submitting the FAFSA, How to obtain Scholarships, SAT/ACT, and other things that have to do with the college admission process.

My objective is for students to know how to search for a college that fits their needs, be able to read and write at a college level, and have the skills necessary to enter, attend, and be successful college students.  

Our textbook is entitled COLLEGE RULES -- How to Study, Survive, and Succeed in College.