Alternative Education

What is Alternative Education?

It is, simply, an alternative to traditional public high school. Students earn credits toward a diploma from Greencastle High School.  This will be accomplished by taking individualized courses in the Alternative Education classroom located within Greencastle High School.  Students are required to attend for at least 3 hours per day (although all-day attendance is encouraged), and maintain regular attendance.  The curriculum is aligned to National Standards and is delivered electronically through Edgenuity.  A licensed teacher oversees the classroom and offers individualized instruction as needed.  Courses take approximately 90 "seat hours" to complete.  Once a course is successfully completed, a Greencastle High School credit is awarded.

Throughout the world, nontraditional and alternative schools serve students who require or thrive in an environment other than a traditional educational setting. This population of learners may face challenges in school, home, and community. As a result, their ability to access services in the traditional setting may be at-risk. Nontraditional and alternative education delivers innovative 21st Century approaches to teaching and learning which provide students with the opportunity to meet graduation requirements, engage in college and career readiness, and participate as productive members of their communities. 

For more information, please visit these links:


Classroom Manual 

Student Handbook

You may also visit the "Useful Links" page and navigate to several websites such as the Edgenuity home-page, National Alternative Education Assoc., Khan Academy, and the Alternative Education page of the Indiana Dept. of Education.