March 23 E-Learning Day

March 23 E-Learning day

Parents and Guardians,

On January 16, 2018, Greencastle Schools had to close school for a snow day.  The make-up day scheduled for this day was determined to be Friday March 23. On this make-up day we are going to do a practice E-Learning Day.  An E-Learning day has recently been introduced by the Indiana Department of Education as a way for student to learn on planned or weather related emergency days.  There are many possible ways to conduct an E-Learning Day based on grade level, so I will leave specific details to your child’s school and teacher to communicate to you.  Please watch for exact details on how your child will be working on the E-Learning Day.

On Friday March 23 students will not report to school.  They will follow their teacher’s directions on connecting to learning.  There will be many more ways than just the device that they are using in school to connect electronically.  As we test our systems and your child’s connectivity on that Friday, we are also going to be looking into e-Learning Days replacing snow days in upcoming school years.

Because this is a practice e-Learning day, we anticipate that there will be issues that we have not anticipated, but sometimes the best way to learn is to fail and repeat the procedure until you get it right.  We wanted to give you, as parents, advanced notice so that you can plan for where your child would go on an e-Learning day, if you have to work.  We know that severe weather calls often create some anxiety for parents in coordinating supervision for your children.  Please begin to think about where you will have your child on Friday March 23 right away.

As teachers and schools begin to send home details of this e-Learning make-up day, please ask your questions at the classroom level, as that is where the best answers will come from first.  If all electronic connections fail, then students will be allowed to make up any work as they would if they were absent for a day.  We do not want any student to fail, during this practice time.

Greencastle Community School Corporation appreciates your partnership with us for your child’s education.  Thank you for your flexibility as we try out another way to deliver education to your child on this e-Learning day.

Jeff Hubble, Superintendent