Important Lunch Policy Change

Important Lunch Change Policy
To avoid charging, parents/guardians are encouraged to monitor and /or pay their child’s meal account online by signing up on the Greencastle webpage: foodservice/ family access/payment. Cash or Checks will be taken at the school cafeteria. It is the parent/guardians responsibility to pay for or pack a child’s lunch when sending them to school.
However, the Greencastle Food Service Program recognizes there might be occasions when a parent/guardian forgets to do so and therefore, as a courtesy to families an alternate meal will be provided based on our belief that a hungry child cannot learn.
The following charge policy is in place: ***High School: No charging of breakfast or lunch meals. ***Middle School, Tzouanakis, Deer Meadow and Ridpath: Three (3) breakfast/lunch meals are allowed to be charged. If not paid, an alternate meal will be substituted at the same cost as a regular meal.
***Adult/Staff: There is no charging allowed. All Schools: No charging of ala carte/extra items by any child with a negative balance regardless of the child’s eligibility status. No change is given back to students, it will be deposited to the account for future use. All unpaid charges at the end of the school year remain the responsibility of the parent/guardian and will continue to the following year. Money remaining in a student’s account will be carried forward to the next school year. If all attempts at collecting unpaid balances have been exhausted, you may be forwarded to a collection agency or child welfare office. Alternate Meal: An alternate meal at all schools will consist of: Peanut gram bar and /or peanut butter sandwich, vegetable or fruit and a white milk. If a peanut allergy is noted, a cheese sandwich, vegetable or fruit and a white milk. ****When an alternate meal has to be substituted for a regular meal, the full amount of the lunch will still be deducted from the student’s account. Parent/guardian are responsible to pay. If food items are available on the share table, a student may help themselves.
Contacting Parents: Once the students nears his/her charging limit, the cafeteria staff will provide all of the following reminders in an effort to help the student continue to receive school meals:  Student receives a verbal reminder  Parent/guardian receives a written note or letter via the student  E-mails are sent  Telephone call What Parent/Guardians Can Do to Help On-Line Meal payments can be added at any time. Ala Carte limits can be added to child’s account. E-mails can be set to receive notices for low balances. View child’s account and purchases. THIS INSTITUTION IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY PROVIDER