Halloween 2018

Halloween 2018

Next Wednesday is Halloween. A lot of you have expressed interest in dressing up in costumes. I love it! Let’s do this. Now here’s where you come in to help make this successful:

Dress code is still in effect. Now most if not all costumes may actually violate the dress code, so we’ll use some common sense and the following parameters:

Short and skirt lengths still apply, as well as nothing sleeveless.

Masks or things covering the face are not acceptable as well...We have to know who you are.

Face painting...very limited, again, we need to identify you.

Understand that any costume or part of a costume that the school views INTERFERES with the educational process will have to be removed or corrected. If that’s the case, please comply with personnel and move on with your day.

This should be a fun and creative day. Be respectful, be responsible, and enjoy it Greencastle High School