GCSC Alternative Education Continues to Grow

GCSC Alternative Education Continues to Grow

The alternative education programs at Greencastle High School continue to excel and grow.  GCSC Alternative Education currently serves at-risk students in grades 9-12 residing within the Greencastle district as well as adult high school diploma seekers.  At-risk students include those with personal or family difficulties, students with special learning needs, students with prior academic failure as well as students with behavioral issues that make it difficult for them to succeed in a traditional 7 period classroom setting day.  We house several programs throughout the academic year including alternative education, credit recovery, night school, and an extended credit recovery program during the summer.  These programs not only aid students in obtaining a high school diploma, but they also address the basic literacy skills that employers today are seeking:  reading, writing, math, English language competency, and problem-solving.  On the average, these programs serve 75-80 students per year.  The classroom is located in Greencastle High School.  All students have individualized curriculum based on their current academic progress and is delivered electronically through Plato Learning Environment.

Last year alone, alternative education, night school, and credit recovery served 83 students who earned a total of 147 credits.  In addition, 23 of these students were Seniors who were able to graduate with the 2017 cohort and positively impact the graduation rate of Greencastle High School.

Facilitated by Mr. Doug Hudson, GHS looks for another successful year in alternative education.  If you want to learn more about the programs (as well as an Ivy Tech College Readiness class) a website has been established explaining all of the programs.  This website includes a biography of Mr. Hudson and highlights all of the programs.  Here you will find useful links, links to pertinent documents, and a description of each program. 

To access the site, follow these directions or click this hyperlink (http://ghs.greencastle.k12.in.us/students/departments/mr__hudson):

  1.  Go to the Greencastle High School home page
  2. On the Navigation Bar, hover your curser over “Students,” then “Departments.”
  3. Lastly click on “Mr. Hudson” and you will be directed to the website.