Attention Freshman Parents!!!

Freshman Orientation

Freshman Orientation is almost here! Thursday, August 2nd @ 6pm


When & Where

Parents and students can assemble in Parker Auditorium prior to the 6 pm start.

We hope to introduce you to the following:

Administrator, Guidance Counselors, Athletic Director, Teachers and Student Leaders


What & How

After a brief introduction from our educational panel, freshmen will be released to tour the building with student leaders in small groups. Their fellow students will help share their tricks of the trade and our new freshmen will be able to ask any "student-centered" questions that they wish.


Parents will remain in Parker Auditorium for the duration of the tour and will be encouraged to ask any and all questions to our educator panel. We plan on this taking just about an hour, however many of us will stay as long as necessary.


Looking forward to it!



Chad Rodgers, Principal

& Yolanda Goodpaster, Assistant Principal